Training Requirements for Backyard Chicken Keepers: A New Trend?

Backyard chicken training requirementsYou can call me Deborah Neyens, CCK.

Or maybe Deborah Neyens, CCCL.

Whether you regard me as a crazy chicken lady (CCL) or merely a chicken keeper (CK), I am now certified by the City of Cedar Rapids to do what I’m doing. I’ve completed a city-approved training course… Continue reading

The Chopped Challenge Dinner Party: A Fun Winter Diversion

The Chopped Challenge Dinner Party

The topic of today’s blog post has nothing to do with chickens or gardening. Let’s face it, it’s January in Iowa and there’s nothing much going on outside. Instead, I am writing about a fun winter diversion that all of you foodies and slightly-competitive home cooks out there… Continue reading