How to Make an Indoor Salad Garden with Recycled Materials

How to Make an Indoor Salad GardenDisclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. See the full disclosure at the bottom of this page.

Turn Your Trash into an Indoor Salad Garden!

Create your own mini indoor salad garden with stuff you otherwise would throw away. Use these instructions to build your own environmentally-friendly indoor salad garden using plastic food packaging and toilet paper tubes. Keep waste out of the… Continue reading

Five Tips from a New Chicken Keeper

Five tips from a new chicken keeperNew chicken keeper James Gibbon and one of his hens on his Montana farm.

Are you thinking about getting your first chickens this spring? Meet Counting My Chickens reader and aspiring blogger James Gibbon. James recently returned to his family farm in Montana and started raising his first flock of chickens. He says he has learned a lot about keeping chickens over… Continue reading

My Top Five Chicken Websites and Blogs

Top Five Chicken Websites and Blogs

Counting My Chickens recently was named one of the top 50 poultry websites and blogs for poultry keepers by Feedspot. This was a nice honor, and it got me thinking about my own favorite online chicken resources. I was pleased to see many of them included on the Feedspot list, so now I’m sharing them with all of you.

My Favorite Chicken Websites

What to Do When Your Chicken is Sick

sick chickenImage by Alec Salter Design

As a backyard chicken
keeper, there likely will come a day when you realize you have a sick chicken
on your hands. You may notice that your pet chicken isn’t eating or that she
seems lethargic. Or you may notice physical signs of illness, such as a pale
comb or a drooping tail. So… Continue reading

A Chicken Obituary: Petunia

A Chicken Obituary: PetuniaPetunia

Petunia came to the Counting My Chickens flock on May 11,
2014, and left it on May 31, 2019. She wasn’t one of my original hens, but she was
a longstanding member of the flock and a good friend and sister to Mabel and
Hazel, who have been around since Day 1.

In a tribute to her, I’m going to tell you Petunia’s story. This is her… Continue reading

Caring for Chickens in Extreme Weather

Iowa in WinterWinter in Iowa

Lessons from the Polar Vortex

There’s nothing like an extreme weather event to get you rethinking your chicken-keeping practices.

The polar vortex event that hit the Midwest in late January sure had me rethinking mine. I spent a week trying to keep my small flock of chickens alive during record low temperatures and insanely wicked wind chills. Fortunately, we all survived. And I learned a… Continue reading

A Frugal Homesteading Giveaway!

A Frugal Homesteading Giveaway!

Frugal Homesteader Giveaway

Would you like to live more frugally?

Homesteading, whether on a rural farm or in an urban townhouse, is about living a more self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle. And knowing how to save money is one of the keys for homesteading success.

I’ve previously shared some of my favorite tips for saving money by recycling stuff you… Continue reading