Photo Friday: Scenes from the Iowa State Fair

Took a day off today to make our annual pilgrimage the world famous Iowa State Fair. Here are a few photos from the day.

No livestock on sidewalks

In the category of “Are these signs really necessary?”

Don't take the potato

Is it okay to “take” a photo of the potatoes?

Don't eat the nuts

Are people cracking them open with their teeth or what?

Salsa ingredients at the Iowa State FairWinners in the “Let’s Make a Pizza” edible vegetable class.

Emu egg

An actual emu egg. How would you like to have one of those birds running around in your yard?

Giant pumpkin

Big Pumpkin winner.

Giant bullBig Daddy, the Super Bull, weighing in at 3,012 pounds.

Mutton bustin'

An actual sport. Five-year-olds riding bareback on angry sheep. Catch it now before the child welfare authorities catch on and make it illegal.

baby chicks

Awww. I will leave you with some newly hatched baby chicks.

Have you been to the Iowa State Fair or to the fair in your state? Tell us about it in the comments section below.