Chicken Cam

This is the home of Mabel, Hazel, Petunia, Marigold, and Betty. You can learn more about them here and here.

Do you spot them (or me) on the chicken cam? If so, make sure to comment to let us know we are being watched!

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  • Bob Erger

    All three hens and their protector.

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  • Sheila Langeslay

    Greetings from Texas! Enjoying the chicken cam.

  • Sheila Langeslay

    No. I got to see them all. Hazel is especially beautiful but love them all. I am a new mom to six week olds. Two BR, two RIR. They are definitely addicting.

  • Paul Garber

    Cool chicken cam. I have 3, 9 week old Orpingtons. They are fun.

    • Sheila Langeslay

      Have heard good things about Orpingtons. I am amazed everyday how fast they grow.

      • Paul Garber

        They are very mellow and friendly. I have a Blue Orp, Crele Orp, and a Splashed Orp. I am 1/2 English and my mum grew up in Orpington, England. I went there a few times when I was a kid. So when thinking about what breed to get it was a no brainer for me. I will upload a pic eventually.

    • Thanks, Paul. Before too long, you will be getting that first egg, which is really fun!

  • Kari Baier

    I love your setup! I think even I could create something like that….. Maybe that would be a good project for this long weekend!

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Kari-There are lots of great ideas online. We are brand new chicken parents and just bought a small coop from tsc yesterday for our four. I love them but they must get out of my bathroom!

    • Yes, so many cute chicken coops out there. I wish I was more handy – I love the coops that are constructed with upcycled and repurposed materials.

      • Sheila Langeslay

        Deb-I do as well. Ours is pre fab from tsc but today we are building a lower level to give them more room. Worried about having them outside for the first time but we are fortifying it with extra latches and hardware cloth.

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  • DB Karron

    Cool We want to do a coupe cam. All chicken channel. I can watch yours until the cows come home. Then we need a cow cam!

    • LOL! If you can’t be there in person to watch them, a chicken cam is the next best thing. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Deb-Just wanted to say congratulations on the new additions. How is everyone getting along? My girls just turned ten weeks old and have started to put themselves to bed in their new coop.

    • They are getting along pretty well. Mabel is bossing the littles around some, but all three of the older hens seem accepting of the new girls. I’ve put the pullets into the coop with the others the last two nights and there haven’t been any issues. I have been getting up extra early to let them out, just in case the close quarters prompt bad behavior.

  • LeAnn Pickard

    Hahah! I love the chicken cams and helllooooo from Alaska! They look like healthy and girls. Just read your article about keeping them entertained and it made me think about getting some of my own again. VERY cool stuff!

    • Hello, LeAnn. Thanks for introducing yourself. I’m glad you like the site. I hope I inspire you to get some more chickens! : )

  • Annie

    Just saw some sort of rodent like creature, at 4:09, hope he’s not stealing eggs!!

    • Uh-oh. Was it a chipmunk? A chipmunk family has moved into the garden and they are driving my dogs crazy.

  • Robin Howard Cramer

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with a chicken cam, I have one inside my coop and outside in the run. Oh, and did I mention: goat cam? 🙂

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Hi Deb-Just stopping by to see the girls and say howdy from Houston. All four of my girls began laying last month and I’m averaging 3-4 eggs per day. With the exception of a visiting snake in the nesting box all is well. Your garden looks amazing and the girls look great. Hope all is well. Happy Fall!!

    • Hi Shelia! Wow, 3-4 eggs per day! What are you doing with all of them? (I bet you have some happy neighbors.) My three older girls are molting and have stopped laying within the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, one of the Easter Eggers started laying last week and has been producing a pretty green egg about every other day since then. Still waiting for the other one to get with the program, though. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Fall to you, too (although I’m guessing it doesn’t feel too fall like in Houston yet). 🙂

  • Joe

    Hi, Deb! Was sure great to see you at LI! I wanted to see the chickencam . . . it appears there are two screens but the top one is not working. Thought you should know. Joe

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Hi Deb-Just stopping by to say hello and share some news. I utilized your talking points and on Thursday we acquired a bantam rooster who was being rehomed because he likes to crow at two a.m. I think he is a Cochin (he is black with blond highlights and adorable feathered feet) He is timid but very gentle and can be held. We are on day three and the girls are tolerating him. I did not expect my husband to agree to our newest acquisition (it must be the holiday season) but the Colonel is here to stay. Take care, stay warm.

  • Debbie Lacy

    They must be sleeping right now, I’ll check back in the morning

  • Debbie Lacy

    There was two cam views last night but now just one. it’s a small portion of the coop

    • Thanks for the heads up. Those darn chickens keep flying up on the cameras and knocking them out of order.

      • Debbie Lacy

        lol, I’m getting my chicken coop ready this weekend to purchase either pullets or hens, this is the first time and will consist 3 hens, the coop is 8ft long and 4ft wide, super excited, been doing research. the door is on the side so I’m not sure about the cleaning other than just raking it out

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Just stopped by to check on the girls and saw two of them on top of the coop lol. Looks like spring is really here. Hope all is well.

  • who_i_am_today

    This is just brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  • Debbie Lacy

    woke up and logged on, it’s 6:30 here, get to see your girls this morning up and adam, it’s cold this morning, I may make my girls scrambled eggs or oatmeal, can’t decide yet.

    • Hi Debbie. The girls start squawking pretty early these days for me to get up and let them out. I sometimes let them out and then go back to bed myself!

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Hi Deb-
    Just stopped by to see how the girls were getting along. Our bantam hens we got in February just laid their first eggs and they are the size of golf balls lol. Hope everyone is doing well in the heat. We are serving cold watermelon to keep everyone hydrated. Regards from Texas

    • Hi Sheila. First eggs are always so exciting! My chickens are doing great. I’ve been giving them their favorite treat – chilled cucumbers. Thanks for stopping by. Stay cool down there in Texas. 🙂

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Hello from Texas Deb and Happy Fall! Still feels like summer here. Our chicken count is currently at 12 and we are expecting six more in two weeks. We have five RIR, two Barred Rock, four Bantam Cochin Frizzles and one Polish girl named Lola (a showgirl ala Copacabana lol) Our six coming soon will be four silkies and two buff Brahmas. I was warned chickens were addictive. Hope you are well.

  • Sheila Langeslay

    Hello Deb-Just stopping by to see the girls and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are well. We have had a few losses but our chicken count stands at fifteen and hubby says we are not backfilling any positions lol. Take care.

    • Hi Sheila. Just now seeing this. We had a lovely Thanksgiving; hope you did, too. Sorry to hear you had some losses in your flock. My girls are all on strike; haven’t had an egg since about the first week of November. I got spoiled last year when the new girls started laying in October and laid all through the winter. I’d like to add a couple more in the spring to ensure I have eggs next winter, but that will mean getting a larger coop (or saying goodbye to some of the older girls who are slowing down at age 4-1/2 – but that’s not really an option for me!).

      • Sheila Langeslay

        Hello again Deb-We are in the same boat eggwise. Betty, our RIR is going through her first molt and looks scary lol. Veronica and Velma are not molting but not laying. We lost two babies, a silkies and a buff brahma to illness and a hawk got our little Frazzle bantam Bella. A mixed blessing because she never really thrived but we loved her. Once our original girls stop laying for good they will have a home as long as they live, if only as bug patrol. Take care.

  • Rob Scholten

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Great web cam , your chickens look happy and healthy. Check out my chook cam at

    • Hello, Rob! Thanks for checking out my chicken cam. It must be night Down Under, so I will need to check back to yours later after your chooks get up for the day. 🙂

  • aunthoney

    Hello from Needles, California!

  • aunthoney

    I love the chicken cam and check in almost every morning.