My Dad’s Famous Scrambled Eggs

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My dad's famous scrambled eggs

Okay, his fame may reach only to the outer limits of our extended family and friends, but my dad is pretty famous for his scrambled eggs.

We call upon Dad to make his scrambled eggs at most family brunch occasions. Easter brunch is a particularly good time for a big batch of Dad’s eggs. It’s spring, my chickens are in full production mode, and it takes about four dozen eggs to feed the whole family.

At this year’s Easter brunch, I followed Dad around with a camera to capture the scrambled egg-making process. He shared that the secret to his scrambled eggs isn’t so much the ingredients – although he does have a few “secrets” when it comes to seasoning – it’s all about the technique.

My dad’s secret to perfect scrambled eggs is to cook them low and slow.

We’ve all had scrambled eggs that are tough and rubbery. That’s what happens if they are cooked quickly or if the heat is too high. Dad explains that for tender, creamy eggs, you need to cook them slowly over low heat, turning and separating them gently the whole time. And you need to take them off the heat just before they are fully set. The eggs may seem underdone, but they will continue thicken for several seconds after they are removed from heat.

Read on to see how Dad made four dozen scrambled eggs for a crowd at my sister’s house on Easter. If you want to make my dad’s famous scrambled eggs for a more modest crowd, scroll all the way to the end for a recipe that uses a mere one dozen eggs.


My Dad’s famous scrambled eggs

Good cooking starts with excellent ingredients, and Dad started with four dozen eggs fresh from my backyard hens. The eggs were almost too pretty to crack open, but my sister claimed the shells to recycle in her garden.

four dozen eggs


Here’s what four dozen eggs look like cracked in a large bowl. Just look how dark those yolks are! Those aren’t store-bought eggs, folks.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


My dad doesn’t like to give away his secret ingredients, but I managed to sneak a photo.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


I normally would use a whisk to scramble eggs, but when you are working with four dozen, an electric hand beater makes the job a lot easier.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


Everything is better with two pounds of bacon!


My dad's famous scrambled eggs


The egg mixture is ready for cooking.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


When cooking eggs for a crowd, a large electric skillet is the way to go.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


The real secret to my dad’s scrambled eggs is the low and slow cooking technique. You have to be patient while they cook, and you have to stir them constantly.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs

My dad's famous scrambled eggsMy dad's famous scrambled eggs


Dad didn’t want me to post any photos of him, but he’s so darn cute that I just couldn’t resist.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


Four dozen eggs take a long time to cook. While Dad stirred away, I had plenty of time to get some selfies with the rest of the fam, admire the table, and scope out my sister-in-law’s homemade butter braid.

family selfie

The handsome nephews and brother-in-law

Easter brunch table setting

Christine’s table

Joanie's homemade butter braid

Joanie’s butter braid


Back in the kitchen, Dad stressed that it’s important to turn off the heat before the eggs are fully set. They ‘ll be cooked to perfection by the time they hit the plate.

My dad's famous scrambled eggs


And here they are, Dad’s famous scrambled eggs front and center on a gorgeous plate of food!

Easter brunch


My Dad’s famous scrambled eggs: The recipe

Dad reluctantly has agreed to share the secret recipe for his famous scrambled eggs with Counting My Chickens readers. Use it well, please, and thank him in the comments section below. He’ll get a kick out of that.



Cheers, from my dad and me. (Oh, am I gonna be in trouble when he sees this!)

The author and her father

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